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AACO Parks & Recreation - AAYLA


* As part of the Recruiting Policy, Anne Arundel County has mandated that any player looking to join Crofton or another organization that is different than where they played in 2014 MUST fill out a player release form ( on our website under Downloads ) and get approval from Donna Liberto - Lacrosse Sport Supervisor prior to attending any tryouts. Per County rule, a maximum of three " Net New " players will be allowed per team. If you have any questions, please contact Georgette Shalhoup at So we cannot guarantee that a new player who has left another organization will be guaranteed a roster spot.


* All coaches and volunteers must have an active background check on file with AA County Parks and Recreation. You can search the County website to see if your status is active.


For more information on AAYLA rules, regulations, and schedules, please visit their website:






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