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Cardinal Lacrosse Club Tournament Schedule

The 2023 Tournament Schedule is pending and subject to change. The final schedule will be announced closer to the spring season.


Post Season

Scoopers Pre-Season Tournament  - (TBD)

BUCS Pre Season Tournament - (TBD)

Cobra Pre Season Tournament - (TBD)

Scoopers Tournament - (TBD)

Pinball Tournament (Clinic) - (TBD)

Bilderback Tournament (PeeWee) - (TBD)

County Playoffs (PeeWee Select, Middie, Junior) - (TBD)

Maryalnd State Championships (PeeWee Select, Middie, Junior) - (TBD)


County All-Star Game - (TBD)

State ChampionShips - (TBD - Must Qualify)

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