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Commissioner's Note


Welcome to the 2024 Cardinals Boys Lacrosse Season!


Following up a successful 2023 season, we are eager to get started on 2024!


As we quickly approach the 2024 Spring Season, it is important to highlight some key points about our program and the state of Rec lacrosse.


Youth / Rec lacrosse is quickly changing due to the influence of clubs and the perceived value of playing the Sport all year long. Now there are many reasons why concentrating on only one sport is not a suggested path to take for players. However, the Clubs have gradually changed the landscape of lacrosse. The clubs serve as an outlet for players to play against different competition especially in the Summer. Now clubs are playing year round which is forcing players/parents to have to make a choice between playing for their Rec team or their Club team. Rec lacrosse offers a competitive playing environment, sound teaching of fundamentals, ability to represent your hometown team and the chance to play with your friends all at an affordable price point.


Having been part of the Crofton Boys & Girls program for well over a decade and seeing multiple kids go on to have successful careers in high school and college, I remain confident that the Crofton Cardinals program can continue to prepare players to get to the next level. Our program has been one of the most successful in the County for the last 4 decades capturing multiple County & State Championships. We continue to invest in training for our coaches so that they can help players develop their skills while having fun at the same time in a competitive environment. Our coaching staff consists of many college and high school former players along with current club & high school coaches thus showing the level of instruction that we are delivering to the kids. The point that you have to consider with any team ( club or recreation ) is what type of coaching and instruction that your son is getting. The goal should be that your son is developing their skills and getting prepared for high school. Most high school coaches don't care what teams the boys played for before ninth grade....they care about their lacrosse IQ, athletic ability, skill set, etc.  And it should not go without being asked.... A positive attitude is a key component to success and building a team....are they having fun??


To that end, Crofton Cardinals Boys lacrosse will continue to deliver a quality product that will supply the players with the tools to hopefully make their high school team. From a Commissioner's standpoint, our program will make an effort to accommodate kids playing multiple sports including Club and Rec lacrosse simultaneously, including working with our in-house club teams (Sidewinders Lacrosse). Scheduling will need to be coordinated with your son's Head Coach prior to the season starting and ultimately agreed upon by player and coach. Both Club Lacrosse and Rec Lacrosse can peacefully coexist.

But wait, there’s more!!


We are excited to continue our initiative of a reinvigorated partnership between Crofton Cardinals Rec Lacrosse and Sidewinders/Clippers Club Lacrosse.  Both programs operate under the Crofton Athletic Council (CAC) and the partnership is aimed to improve operations and grow the game within the area whether your son(s) are rec or club player(s). As mentioned, the greater Crofton area has a rich history of lacrosse with many former players playing at some of the highest levels in the game today.  There is a strong lacrosse heritage that we hope to embrace and benefit the next generation of lacrosse players moving forward. 


The initiative is driven by three primary goals. 


  • Unify boys lacrosse efforts utilizing both Cardinals and Sidewinders programs to PROMOTE lacrosse, create an environment to EXPLORE and give it a shot,  GROW our lacrosse community and DEVELOP a positive learning environment for athletes at all levels. 


  • Strengthen a community-based development pathway that incorporates both rec and club lacrosse to achieve the necessary knowledge, experience and skills to play at competitive levels. 


  • Work together to establish operational efficiencies that reduce redundancy and leverage resources of both organizations to benefit our players, coaches and volunteers 


The Crofton Cardinals program has been a staple in the community offering spring lacrosse programs for many years starting from “Scoopers” (5 years old) through “Juniors” (8th grade).  From beginners to advanced players, the Cardinals program offers an incredible opportunity to learn and compete in the Anne Arundel Rec League. 


Formally launched 10 years ago, Sidewinders was established to provide a club lacrosse program to the community. The program started with just one team and today, Sidewinders has grown to one of the largest and most competitive clubs in the Washington-Baltimore region with nearly 50 coaches on staff. Sidewinders offers programs starting in the 3rd grade all the way through high school. The program offers extensive team and individual training, competitive regional league and tournament play at all levels. 


Together, both organizations have a lot to offer our emerging student athletes regardless of if your child is new to the game of lacrosse or has several years of experience.  If there is interest at any level, we welcome you to learn more at:


We are excited to work together, share resources and organize to give our lacrosse community the very best.   


Thank you for you continued support and we look forward to seeing everyone out on the fields!!


Crofton Lacrosse Commissioners - Kerry Nobis , Ron Sroka, and Chris Parks


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